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Press Release OLD


Anthony Meier Fine Arts is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by New York artist Jim Hodges. Continuing to use light as his collaborator, Hodges captures the simplicity of casual experiences and meaning in common, everyday experiences. 


The centerpiece of the exhibition is a large, freestanding stained glass sculpture entitled When I Believed, What I Believed.  Comprised of two flat planes of glass intersecting to create a three-dimensional experience, the piece depicts a soaring eagle in flight with a coterie of butterflies. 


The crossing of surfaces puts the work into quadrants, choreographing the vantage point of the viewer and creating a reveal at every turn.


Also on view is a new suite of photographs called Even Here.  A set of twelve works, the photos were taken at the gallery during a visit earlier this year.  They capture a beautiful emptiness of space.


Hodges work is infused with his own story as a means to investigate how one experiences his own history.  He creates a kaleidoscopic view to illustrate that things can become accessible in a spherical way.  

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