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Jeremy Dickinson

4 April – 12 May 2006

Opening reception: Friday, 31 March, 6 to 8 pm


Anthony Meier Fine Arts is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new work by British artist Jeremy Dickinson. Mapping, transporting and the collecting of objects are the cornerstones of Dickinson’s oeuvre. Historically separate bodies of work developed over the past two decades, this exhibition marries those elements together.  The show is comprised of new paintings and etchings. 

As a child, Dickinson drew maps of his local area from memory, testing his geographic knowledge by seeing how far he could expand the map. These maps later morphed into paintings of London’s subway and bus systems. 

The bus systems paintings developed into the Civic Pride series of paintings, depicting bus liveries from different towns and cities of the UK, presented on single white canvases. Subsequent to the Civic Pride works came paintings embedded in the sorting and chronicling of Dickinson’s toy car collection. 

This exhibition presents a handful of large-scale canvases, and a few smaller works, incorporating all three of Dickinson’s signature styles. The California Wall Map is a prime example in which three generations of toy building bricks – belonging to Dickinson, his father and his sons – join together to build a three-dimensional map for a collection of toy U.S. city buses, placing each vehicle in its correct position on the ‘map.’

Bright colors and whimsical themes belie the depth of Dickinson’s concept. A still life painter, Dickinson makes serious work out of a playful subject with an adept hand and a sharp eye. 

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