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Homage to a Circle: Tammy Rae Carland, Marsha Cottrell, Zoe Leonard & Davina Semo

17 November – 15 December 2020


Anthony Meier and Jessica Silverman are pleased to present Homage to a Circle, an exhibition that explores spinning, ringing, orbiting, enclosing, ruminating, and revolving. More than a formal exploration, the show is a social and psychological journey that leads to all sorts of unexpected terrains. Zoe Leonard’s photographs of sidewalks punctuated by chewed gum connect foot and mouth with an abstract wasteland. Tammy Rae Carland’s Discograms, made directly on photographic paper with the light refracted from a disco ball, suggest the spacious bliss of a magical night on dancefloor. Marsha Cottrell harnesses the tool of a laser printer as one would a paint brush, running mulberry paper through the printer multiple times to create unique images of spectral suns. Finally, Davina Semo’s cast-bronze “Bells” beckon and unite communities, ring the time, and strike for freedom. They are gender-fluid concave forms impregnated by clappers. This four-woman show presents the physical work in real space. Please come see it in the round.

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