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ADAA: The Art Show 2023

2 - 5 November

ADAA: The Art Show 2023 | Jasmin Sian -  - Art Fairs - Anthony Meier

Anthony Meier is pleased to announce our presentation at ADAA: The Art Show 2023, where our booth with feature a solo presentation of new works by Jasmin Sian titled a forest for Fennel.

For a forest for Fennel, Jasmin Sian constructs impossibly tiny, elaborately detailed landscapes filled with plants and specific animals, or single trees, intricately cut from discarded candy and deli wrappers. Each of her works is a hand-size, painstakingly rendered, seemingly ephemeral object that embodies a tribute to the natural world.

Sian’s works are created from discarded materials she repurposes. By her hand, bubble gum and lollipop wrappers become delicate, lace-like depictions of a Texas pine or New York Ginkgo, or the seemingly crocheted details surrounding gouache depictions of chickweed, clover, thyme and her birds, Umi and Pop. Her work startles and bewilders the viewer when one realizes she has created a miniature world in unfathomably complex detail, from the detritus we ignore; and what becomes clear, is that Sian rendered each tiny tree or landscape as an act of reverence and passion for nature, for the living creatures, both plant and animal, that inhabit our earth.

Sian’s objects reveal her deep respect for nature’s creatures, for what she knows and what she may never see, but will always treasure. She beseeches the viewer to appreciate and care for nature, at the very least by taking time to look closely and absorb what she places before us.

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