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Tony Feher

21 October – 14 November 2008

Opening reception: Friday, 17 October, 6 to 8 pm


Anthony Meier Fine Arts is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by New York artist Tony Feher. Exhibiting at the gallery for the fourth time, Feher’s aesthetic has been further refined.

The centerpiece of the front gallery is a 4x8 foot table of miscellanea entitled (Same), a reference to the connectivity of life regardless of time and place. The contents of the table were culled over many years from Feher’s everyday wanderings, in essence creating a quasi-autobiographical portrait of the artists’ life.  The materials have been carefully edited, combed over, added to, subtracted from, reconfigured.  The final form is both terrestrial and alive.  It is both an intimate portrait of its creator as well as a reflection of the general here and now. 

In contrast to the rawness of (Same), Feher also exhibits two new waterline pieces, rows of vinegar bottles filled to varying heights with colored water and displayed on shelves attached to the wall. The works are quiet and elegant with the breathtaking quality of stained glass illuminated by the sun.  The lines differ in size and shape but each are comprised of yellow, blue and red water.  Their effect changes with perspective and distance, colors combine to create an array of palettes.

Feher’s ability to create beauty from the mundane is unrivaled.  His work speaks to social concerns and politics; it is imbued by at-large references to literature and music.     

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