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  , Firenze (26.12.99), 1999


Firenze (26.12.99), 1999

Oil on photograph

4 ¾ x 4 ¾ inches

12 x 12 cm



Gerhard Richter: Overpainted Photographs

28 June – 19 August 2005


Anthony Meier Fine Arts is pleased to announce an exhibition of paintings on photographs by renowned German artist Gerhard Richter. A comprehensive exhibition of Richter’s overpainted photographs has never before been shown.

These small paintings span three decades and use photography as a ground as opposed to canvas. The works combine all of the elements of Richter’s oeuvre and retain the complexity and intensity of color for which he has become known.

The visible, readable portion of the photograph gives the viewer an insight into Richter’s travels and a personal documentation of his daily life. The landscapes, cityscapes and people in the photos are abstracted by the painting on the surface.

This subject matter, which is blurred and blocked out by paint, endorses Richter’s ability to combine and mix complete abstraction with hyperrealism. This mixture of the two genres – and everything in between – creates a beautiful image rich with layers of information.

This exhibition surveys the various formats of photography that Richter has used to paint on and encourages the viewer to see more of the many media that he masters.

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