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  , Twelve (Ugolino di Nerio), 1999


Twelve (Ugolino di Nerio), 1999

Gouache and pencil on Arches watercolor paper

30 1/4 x 23 inches



Sam Reveles: one journey fourteen stations

28 September – 29 October 1999

Artist reception: Tuesday, 28 September, 6 to 8 pm


Anthony Meier Fine Arts is pleased to present new work by artist Sam Reveles. Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, Reveles now lives and works in New York City.  The exhibition will include paintings and drawings.

A sense of duality pervades Reveles’s work. The central focus in his exhibition is a series of fourteen drawings called The Stations of the Cross. Each drawing in the Stations series is based on a different Renaissance artists interpretation of Christ’s passage to His crucifixion. Emulating the style and figurative characteristics of a given artist, Reveles then paints in his own abstract style over the drawing. Employing a broad brushstroke and many layers, Reveles creates a striking intensity of color and depth.  he drawing underneath only hints through on edges, lending a mystery to the work and creating an eye game with the viewer.  

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