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Kate Shepherd: News from Biathlon

30 March – 4 May 2012

Opening reception: Thursday, 29 March, 6 to 8 pm


Anthony Meier Fine Arts is pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings, drawings and sculptures by New York based artist Kate Shepherd. Titled News from Biathlon, the show highlights two discreet trains of thought in Shepherd’s work.  Known for employing the fundamental elements of geometric form and color to create beautiful investigations of perspective and space, Shepherd’s latest works both subscribe to and play around this base, introducing a looser spatial vantage point and a more layered, experimental approach to shape.

Exhibiting a series of paintings that remove the viewer from direct spatial reference, Shepherd places perspective one space back, instead of at the forefront. The relationship between the viewer and the plane is skewed, allowing for multiple interpretations. 

Futher playing with the surface of her paintings, Shepherd has added a layer, creating three distinct levels of construction. The result is a depth and dimension that once again challenges the viewers perspective, questioning position.

News from Biathlon debuts a series of hanging wire sculptures.  Works gracefully extend from the ceiling down, metal hangers twisted and shaped into elegant, formal linear constructions.  All components are geometric in form but also nimble and fluid. 

Experimenting around geometric stagnance continues in Shepherd’s drawings where she uses nine-part tables of triangular cells to explore the delicate interplay of color mixing.  Comprised of printed dot screens that fluctuate from light to dark, Shepherd has extended the dimension of each cell, making the overall triangles more than four feet tall.  This grand scale allows the drawings to function as paintings in size and inner activity while still being systematic and rooted within the confines of a Platonic color exercise.

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