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  , Tony Feher


Tony Feher

Untitled, 2002

Cast sand mix, glass flask bottle, blue marbles and isopropyl alcohol

10 x 12 1/2 x 10 1/2 inches


Aspects of Color: Carl Andre, Tony Feher, Donald Judd, Agnes Martin

18 September – 15 November 2002


Anthony Meier Fine Arts is pleased to announce its first group exhibition featuring both primary and secondary work. Entitled Aspects of Color, the show explores the use of color in an array of media by contemporary minimal masters Carl Andre, Tony Feher, Donald Judd and Agnes Martin.

Among the founding members of the Minimalist movement, Carl Andre, Donald Judd and Agnes Martin created works that changed the definition of art. Tony Feher, a contemporary artist working in New York City, extends the aesthetic line begun by this earlier generation of artists.

Beginning in the 1960s, the Minimal art movement was a backlash against the flamboyance of Abstract Expressionism. Where Abstract Expressionists are heavy on the mark of the human hand, Minimalists do not show the mark of the fabricator. Minimalism works from the idea that art can be beautiful and complete when simply comprised of the fundamental elements of material, form and procedure.  This focus often leaves the use of color in Minimalist work undervalued. Color has always been an important component to the artists; yet it has only recently been recognized by critics and collectors as integral.

This exhibition refutes the notion that Minimalists consider color to be an aside. Comprised of two majestic paintings by Agnes Martin, three formidable sculptures by Donald Judd, a serene floor work by Carl Andre, and three multi-faceted objects by Tony Feher, the exhibition makes the clear statement that from the beginning Minimalism has incorporated color as a defining element. 

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